Multiple developers on a single Xcode project

We ran into a rather large issue when dealing with multiple developers working on a single Xcode iPhone project.
Problem: When multiple developers add new files to the project conflicts can occur that cause building and execution errors.

Here is my solution:


It seems they arent necessary

Occasionally you will receive the following:

This means that the project.pbxproj file is conflicted (most likely someone committed additional files and now you’re trying to commit your additional files)

Step 1 – Update SCM:

Step 2 – Close project:
You may receive this prompt:

Click Close Project

Step 3 – Open project file
Go to the project and open the xcodeproj file

Step 4 – delete all the SVN versions that aren’t necessary

Step 5 – open and edit project.pbxproj
Once you open the file you’ll need to remove all the SVN comments in it then save the file.

Note: Be sure to find and remove all >>>>>>> .r17 there may be some with previous .rXX numbers

Step 6 – reopen project and go to SCM Results

On the other developers copy when they update from SCM they will receive the following:
Note: if you receive this message be SURE to know whether you had added anything or not via SCM Results. If you have NOT added anything then select Read from Disk

Xcode will reopen with the new file.