Day 3 Roma: Palazzo Valentini

Another recommendation by Jady, I decided to go ahead and check out a museum even though it wasn’t on my original agenda. I’m very glad I did. This museum was unlike any museum in the traditional sense. They used projectors, lasers, and other fancy technology to point out and direct attention to features. Basically Palazzo Valentini is on top of an acheologist find from over 5 centuries ago. Apparently a very wealthy family’s abode.

They go on to explain how they came to certain conclusions and even show a CGI Virtual reality tour of what they believed the house looked like. THey also explain how the house came to be destroy.

The english tour is only given 2 times a day so be sure to book in advance! The downside of this tour was that you are not permitted to take any pictures. I took some of their gallery area after the tour was over below.