Day 2 Rome: Il Gelato Di Claudio Torce’

Italy is THE place for gelato. Claudio Torce is the guy who owns this set of gelaterias. The guy is a magician. From what I’ve noticed, the flavors are split up by: fruits, creams, crazies. All the standard flavors were amazing. Thus far I’ve tried:

  • Lemon – tart and sweet
  • Peach – great flavor, when paired with Lemon, it just isn’t as sweet and overpowered by the lemon
  • Tiramisu – very creamy and flavorful
  • Some mix with pistacio – forgot its name but it was interesting
  • Paprika + Chili chocolate – this one has some kick.. initially you dont think its there because its cold. Once your tongue warms up… the heat show up
  • Bleu cheese – uh… quite interesting… its not disgusting by any means
  • Parmesan cheese – surprisingly good… its so cheese!
  • Green tea – it tastes like green tea… its alright
  • Some pure 64% cocao one – super super rich

Pretty sure I’ve forgotten a few flavors I’ve sampled. I’ve tried a lot of other gelato places in town but it does indeed seem like Claudio wins the most unique flavors.