Metamorfosi – easily my fav in Roma

Recommended by Katie Parla, and briefly meeting John – a Sous chef at Metamorfosi I figured I had to make it out there. I wanted to go the day before but my poor feet were killing me so I decided to leave it till Tuesday.

Well, turns out I chose the wrong day to attempt to go across town (I know the natives will claim it’s not that far) to get to a restaurant because there was a public transit strike today. I could walk it which would take me over an hour, or cab it – I chose the latter. So 20€ later I reached my destination. I walk in behind 2 other gentlemen and admire how beautiful this place is. Its baller. It is also completely and utterly empty – which did cause some alarm (how can somewhere be good and completely DEAD at 12:30?). As they’re greeted by the waiter I pull up my camera to snap some pictures of the interior.

I suddenly hear a gasp from one of the guys in front of me…

What? I was thinking to myself… get over it. Then I glance up and realize this guy has a huge ass tripod with him. The other gentleman quickly says to me, that they are from an italian newspaper (or was it magazine) and they had come to do an article on Metamorfosi.

So I stand aside and let them snap some pictures of the interior too. The waiter was concerned that I had to wait for this to happen, but I assured him I wanted to take pictures too. As soon as they were done taking interior shots I was seated. I sat for a few minutes watching them… and then a guy in a white coat appears out of nowhere… It was Chef Roy Caceres! I think Katie is good luck or something because I’m bumping elbows with the top dogs of Rome’s culinary circuit.

As they set up for their photoshoot with Roy, I ask to snap a few pictures as well… I couldn’t help it… Its the photographer in me… I hope it wasn’t rude!

I think it was worth being rude 😉

I asked the waiter to let John know I was here. I had told him the other night at the beer tasting that I would be visiting him – and he had better for damn sure make something awesome :). To my surprise John came up (the kitchen is in the basement of the building) and greeted me which was very very nice of him. He not only came to say hello but suggested what I should get… PERFECTO!

Thanks John (left of Roy)!

Then the dishes started rolling out. What an experience in Rome! First was a taste of pork cracklins

Then a lightly battered shrimp with a passion fruit sorbet which you are to sample both. Sweet and salty… love it… Roy and John do a fantastic job of wetting ones palette. I wasn’t all that hungry before we started this adventure, but after the shrimp and passion fruit… GAME ON!

Next came a fresh loaf of bread with olive oil ice cream…yes… ice cream. You know how you’re lucky if you get some hot bread and butter and sometimes the butter may or may not melt depending how hard the butter is? Not the case here. The moment the ice cream touches the warm bread… it melts.

I wanted to eat more of this… I seriously had to fight hard to refrain and eat only a quarter of it 🙁

The next thing to come out was the Carbonara Egg 65°. It is Metamorfosi’s rendition of carbonara. I wrote down cream of bacon with a side of deep fried rigatoni. You take your rigatoni and drop it into the cream and mix it up. The crunch of the fried rigatoni really makes this dish stand out. As does the creamy egg that is under the cream (you mix it all up).

Next came macaroni with rabbit sausage and pecorino cheese…

And then the red risotto which per the site is “emulsion of fassona, blu del Monviso and herbs” I believe this was a carpaccio on top of risotto 🙂

By this point I had reached tipping point. As great as the red risotto was, I could not finish it.

Alas, when the moment came for the waiter to ask whether I wanted dessert… the answer was obviously yes. If you have been reading my posts… cant you tell I have a second stomach for sweets?

I ordered the Torrefazione 2.0. But before that would come out, the waiter brings out a white chocolate lollipop in a red wine and plum reduction (if i recall correctly).

Torrefazione 2.0 which is a combination and “balance” of 3 roasted ingredients :

Chocolate –

Coffee –

Hazelnuts –

WHOA NELLIES I’m done! Roll me outta here… I need a stretcher because I am STUFFFFFED.

But nope… Roy and John aren’t done.