Vatican City / St Peters

From Ostencia train station you can board a train for 1 euro to get all the way to the Vatican. At the Roma S.Pietro stop you get off and walk about 10 minutes to reach the center of the Vatican. That place is HUGE and there are so many tourists. I can’t imagine it during peak touring season, because even in October it was insanity. I walked around the square the wrong direction and ended up having to go back to where I started to get in line to get into St Peters. For all those going in the future, facing St Peters the entrance is on the right side.

Overall, the line went really quickly and it took only 20-30 minutes to reach security and then you’re pretty much a 100 meters from St Peters. Walking into the church it is almost surreal with its sheer size. I have to agree that it was an amazing feat and there is so much history within its walls.

I wanted to go see the sistine chapel but didn’t want to go through the museum…. next time!