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  • Another adventure begins

    It’s an hour before my flight and it still hasn’t hit me I’m going on a new adventure… Hope I packed everything I needed!

  • Some other pictures

  • Metamorfosi – easily my fav in Roma

    Recommended by Katie Parla, and briefly meeting John – a Sous chef at Metamorfosi I figured I had to make it out there. I wanted to go the day before but my poor feet were killing me so I decided to leave it till Tuesday. Well, turns out I chose the wrong day to attempt […]

  • Day 3 Roma: Palazzo Valentini

    Another recommendation by Jady, I decided to go ahead and check out a museum even though it wasn’t on my original agenda. I’m very glad I did. This museum was unlike any museum in the traditional sense. They used projectors, lasers, and other fancy technology to point out and direct attention to features. Basically Palazzo […]

  • Coming soon: Night time

    I’ll be posting some of my night time photography in a bit. Here’s one of the Vatican from afar.

  • Vatican City / St Peters

    From Ostencia train station you can board a train for 1 euro to get all the way to the Vatican. At the Roma S.Pietro stop you get off and walk about 10 minutes to reach the center of the Vatican. That place is HUGE and there are so many tourists. I can’t imagine it during […]

  • Day 2 in Roma: Katie Parla! (more photos & dinner)

    If you’re a foodie, and you’ve been to – or you’re thinking about visiting Rome – you’ve most likely come across her blog. She’s the top dog, numero uno, head honcho when it comes down to where to eat in Rome. Not to mention, quite the hottie ;). Anyways, I was fortunate enough to get […]

  • Day 2 Rome: Il Gelato Di Claudio Torce’

    Italy is THE place for gelato. Claudio Torce is the guy who owns this set of gelaterias. The guy is a magician. From what I’ve noticed, the flavors are split up by: fruits, creams, crazies. All the standard flavors were amazing. Thus far I’ve tried: Lemon – tart and sweet Peach – great flavor, when […]

  • Roma Day 2: Cristalli di Zucchero

    Cristalli di Zucchero is a pasticceria (pastry shop) in Roma. I was lead here again by Jady and found it to be completely fantastic. I was literally a kid in a candy store. I picked 3 bite sized pastries, one dome mousse thingy, and all the flavors of macarons. At the time when I was […]

  • My Second Day in Rome

    Technically first full day.. but whos counting? Today, has to have been the most amazing time ever. Coldiretti at Circus Maximus Per Jady’s suggestion and also Caterina’s (although I technically saw her recommendation after the fact) my first destination was Coldiretti for the farmers market. Typically there is a farmers market in Circo Massimo but […]