About Ants

About Ants

“Have you met ‘Ants’?”

How the heck does one end up with the nickname Ants?  All I remember is that within our group of friends at the University of Texas at Austin there was another Anthony Nguyen.  So I opted to go by Ants.  Why Ants?  Why not, Ant?  I dunno.  Ants sounds cooler don’t you agree?

I am currently employed at T-3 with a formal title of Creative Developer since 2007. I have since somewhat jumped into other departments, also handling web development as well as server management.

My favorite hobby currently is Photography. I used to do wedding photography as a weekend gig and I’m currently looking for a position as a second shooter in the Austin, Texas area. I also love to do model photography and people portraits in general. I’m a sucker for lovey dovey pictures.

Hopefully what you’ll find on this site/blog will be a portfolio for both my work from my day job as well as pictures from my photography adventures.

Please do not hesitate to shoot me an email if you’re interested in working together.

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