Klout? How do I increase my Klout score?!

A little over a week ago the CTO asked me if I knew what my klout score was. When he first mentioned it I thought it was some sort of search engine that determined your online presence. What Klout really is is a measurement for your Twitter, facebook and (soon to be added) Linkedin social presence.

Klout doesn’t care that you have 1000s of followers. See: http://twitter.com/anthony He has a high number of followers but if you don’t get responses your klout score will stay low. http://klout.com/anthony

Klout doesn’t seem to care if you post often. You could post 100s of tweets a day, if no one reacts to your post then you’re actually diluting/decreasing your klout score. (Eg. http://twitter.com/SumoTheShibaInu – my friend’s dog twitter account has plenty of posts but no RTs or @mentions)

The biggest scorer is the RT and @mentions. A good example of this is my coworker’s twitter account which he hasn’t used in years. He doesn’t have much of a reach with only 42 followers. However, if you post quality content people will Retweet or mention you and thus interact with the content you’ve created. http://twitter.com/dhezl

The next month or so I will attempt to increase my social media influence and see where this experiment goes and will post here again with my findings.