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  • Day 2 Rome: Il Gelato Di Claudio Torce’

    Italy is THE place for gelato. Claudio Torce is the guy who owns this set of gelaterias. The guy is a magician. From what I’ve noticed, the flavors are split up by: fruits, creams, crazies. All the standard flavors were amazing. Thus far I’ve tried: Lemon – tart and sweet Peach – great flavor, when […]

  • My first day in Rome

    Let me first start by thanking Jady, Heidi, etc on slow talk. Its been an amazing resource to make the most of your trip. It seems most folks on the forum believe in taking it slow… quite the antithesis of what I’m doing. But, nonetheless everyone on ST has been amazingly helpful trying to fit […]

  • Dani and Dan

    Great couple that were awesome to work with. We met downtown Austin and just walked around in 100F+ weather. REMINDER: Bring a towel! I think I went through 6 bottles of water. ROUGH! The rest can be found here