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  • My first day in Rome

    Let me first start by thanking Jady, Heidi, etc on slow talk. Its been an amazing resource to make the most of your trip. It seems most folks on the forum believe in taking it slow… quite the antithesis of what I’m doing. But, nonetheless everyone on ST has been amazingly helpful trying to fit […]

  • Python websocket on Centos 5.x

    I am currently running a VPS as a playground and my SVN repo and decided to go ahead and set up a websockets server as well. This proved to be a little tricky but eventually got it working. Note that installing the default mod_python will give you version 3.2.8. pywebsocket requires Python 2.3 and up […]

  • Event based Atlas tracking

    So I ran into this issue where there was absolutely no documentation on how to handle Atlas tracking on non-page-load events. Typically Atlas would provide a tracking sheet with code snippets that you can add to your page. This is all great except these drop in code snippets really only fire at page load and […]

  • Facebook Authentication failing to pop up

    Using the Facebook JavaScript SDK for authentication things have recently changed to OAuth 2.0. Calls to FB.getLoginStatus are now different. Old Method FB.getLoginStatus(function(response) { if (response.authResponse) { // logged in and connected user, someone you know } else { } } New Method FB.getLoginStatus(function(response) { if (response.status === ‘connected’) { // the user is logged […]

  • Posting to a user’s wall

    Use the feed dialog Post to viewing user’s wall Use a friend-selector – requires page refresh – to send message directly to friend of viewing user Attempting to capture the data prior to page refresh has not worked thus far – still trying to figure this one out Unable to tag user’s in posts Use […]

  • Developing on Facebook is Difficult

    Changes Facebook is constantly going through revisions and constantly dealing with new bugs that arise within their system. Developers back in the day had only one option for developing within Facebook. That was FBML which is a proprietary language specific to Facebook. In addition, Facebook also released FBJS into the wild which was a ultra […]

  • How to: Enable NSZombie in Xcode 4

    NSZombies are a great way for tracking down premature release of objects while coding Objective C. Here’s quickest way to enabling them: Then uncheck the top check box so that you can add Environmental Variables then add NSZombiesEnabled and set its value to YES

  • UINavigationController + UIViewController + UITableView

    For the longest time I’ve been trying to figure out how to do something similar to how Contacts on the iPhone handles display. I initially thought it was a highly customized UITableViewController but now I’ve figured out a way to do it with a UIViewController and an embedded UITableView. I will post a tutorial shortly […]

  • Outklouted the CTO

  • Klout Kills…. but what it kills you decide.

    It seems that has taken over our department. CTO + Klout have joined forces to potentially decrease productivity in the office by who knows how much. Me posting this post @ 10am on a Thursday also reaffirms that fact. Is this scary? Yes. Does this mean we are less productive? Who knows. I’m no […]