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  • Klout? How do I increase my Klout score?!

    A little over a week ago the CTO asked me if I knew what my klout score was. When he first mentioned it I thought it was some sort of search engine that determined your online presence. What Klout really is is a measurement for your Twitter, facebook and (soon to be added) Linkedin social […]

  • Facebook Pages: Customized content for fans

    Facebook provides FBML that allows you to serve content to fans by using fb:visible-to-connection The issue with this solution is that there is no solid way of serving content to non fans. If you have noticed around facebook more and more Pages are serving content specifically asking fans to fan the page before retrieving the […]

  • Multiple developers on a single Xcode project

    We ran into a rather large issue when dealing with multiple developers working on a single Xcode iPhone project. Problem: When multiple developers add new files to the project conflicts can occur that cause building and execution errors. Here is my solution: Username.mode1v3 Username.pbxuser It seems they arent necessary Occasionally you will receive the following: […]

  • Testing new host HawkHost